Angad Hasija

Indian television actor

Dr. Amit Bhasin is the only name which comes to my mind when I think about Skin.

Anita Kumar

( Author)

A very warm and inviting ambience with extensive treatments that are incredibly effective. A must visit.

Atul Wassan

( Cricketer)

It takes away a lot to become a medical practitioner.But it takes greater intellect to use that knowledge with compassion and be in this profession .Amit, who is a coming to become a renowned doctor in dermatology , and one look at him will assure that you are in safe and genuine hands.Recommend everyone.


( Journalist)

Dr. Amit Bhasin is one of the best things to have happened to the field of dermatology. I came all the way from Kanpur to his hospital in gurgaon and came back feeling happy and content. He is extremely patient and knowledgeable and no problem looks too big in front of his expertise. He is also very supportive even if your treatment course is over. Whenever I find something off with my skin, I just have to give him a call and he is there to spot the trouble and shoot it away.

Deepika Jindal


It has been a very personalised service that I have received from Dr Amit Bhasin and team . I would recommend to my family and friends . The treatment has been very beneficial.

Dr. Abha

( Senior Pediatrician )

Dr. Amit is a good dermatologist and excellent cosmetologist. I trust him for my whole family , especially for my son Sagar. Had a very good experience with him and thanks to him my son's face is free of acne ,clear and glowing.

Dr. Anurag Awasthi

( Orthopedic )

My personal experience with Dr Amit Bhasin has been exceptionally good. His treatment showed great results within 3 weeks. I believe in his skills and wish him all the success.

Dr. Deepika Tiwari

( Gynaecologist )

Dr. Amit I have never ever felt so beautiful my skin is glowing , thank you very much. I recommend everybody should consult you for any cosmetic or Derma problem I am sure you will be the best choice...

Dr. Ekta Nigam

( Dermatologist )

One of the best dermatologist & aesthetician , He is very renowned and famous and does excellent treatment . So proud of him .



Dr Amit is national award winner dermatologist who has Midas touch. He is best in the world . I recommend everyone to go to him.

Inder Bajwa


Though I was staying in Mumbai , but whenever I needed a skin treatment or anykind of guidance , I just called him and fix an aponitment fly to Delhi because after getting a treatment from Dr. Bhasin I felt good and safe, he is very good at his job and best in his behavior. Dr. Amit Bhasin is profasionnal and cool Dr. staff is friendly, my next vist would be soon, good luck

Manoj Prabhakar


Dr. Amit is the well equipped dermatologist with extensive knowledge from Johns Hopkins USA , has magic in his hands. I trust only him for my skin.



Dr. Amit Bhasin is the best dermatologist and cosmetologist , my family and myself have always trusted him only.

Meenakshi Dutt

(Make Up Artist)

Dr. Amit Bhasin is a wonderful And a True Human Being and the same Traits Reflect in his work too ,he's a Talented Dermatologist with a young vision and Forward Futuristic methods of Treatments ,he is a Committed Professional.

Ricky Seth

( Actor)

I could not find a better doctor than Dr Amit Bhasin. He is extremely Knowledgeable and will spend a ton of time with you to make sure all your questions are thoroughly answered. He always study his case in detail to provide best treatment what is required and discuss before prescribing and explain everything properly . Also his diagnosis and treatment was spot on, he made sure I am in good shape before I left his premises and did proper follow up through mail n call. In short you have boosted my confidence level...

Rohit Raheja

( Builder)

Dr. Amit Bhasin is best dermatologist in India , I fully trust him and his magical work.

Sonu Wassan

(Yoga expert)

It takes away a lot to become a medical practitioner. But it takes greater intellect to use that knowledge with compassion and be in this profession .Amit, who is a coming to become a renowned doctor in dermatology , and one look at him will assure that you are in safe and genuine hands. Recommend everyone.

Umesh Dutt


At Dr. Amit Bhasin's clinic every face around him are glowing Not just a brilliant Skin Expert his human touch makes all the difference

Vikram Baidyanath

(CEO, Baidyanath Group)

It's lovely to see someone I treat like a younger brother go from strength to strength in his career because of sheer diligence. Amit's love for, and extra-ordinary dedication to, his work is exemplary. Keep growing in your profession, so we can all keep benefiting from your expertise.

Yuvraj Parashar

( Actor )

Dr. Amit Bhasin has done great job on my skin.



I cant begin to express all the gratitude I have in my heart for all that Dr Amit Bhasin has shared and done to improve my skin , I feel blessed to have him as my Dermatologist and a very good friend. It is always a pleasure to visit him for brand new tips on skin care and products. He has a very strong focus and caring spirit for his patients whether he is treating and curing skin problem or cosmetic needs, which can make us feel much better about ourselves. He is always current on the latest and best treatments and technology available. Way to go Dr Amit bhasin !!